24 June 2011

Can't Make You Love Me **Update**

Ok, so, when I posted my blog a couple days ago, I was totally dejected. All the time and energy I'd funneled into that book only for so many people to say they disliked my hero. It wasn't a good time for me.

It was with only the barest glimmer of hope that I decided I would submit the manuscript one final time. By the time I had it formatted and blasted it off to my editor at Etopia Press, all that hope was gone. It was just another rejection waiting to happen. She emailed me a few hours later with the standard acknowledgement of receipt and I began waiting again.

The next afternoon she emailed me telling me that she'd read the synopsis and her interest was peaked and she was going to be getting to the full manuscript right away. I still had a few more days, at least, I figured. But a few hours later she emailed me again telling me that she loved it and wanted to buy it.

I may have woken up half my house, the scream was so loud.

She praised the writing and didn't have any major issues at all with the story. I'm super excited because I love this story so much and now the world will finally be able to see it. Well, after a healthy round of edits, anyway.

I'm prepared for the backlash because Dylan isn't your typical hero. He's an ass, and I know it. But he has his reasons. I hope you'll stick around to find out what they are.

I think it makes the end result a little more satisfying.

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