03 March 2013

Crazy Dreams

Anyone who knows me knows I am a major song whore. To the point the original title of this post was Thank God Even Crazy Dreams Come True, which is of course a line from a Carrie Underwood song. But I elected to just go with the title, instead. It suits my purposes just fine.

A little over a year ago, a new publisher opened their doors. I knew nothing about them, but just from looking at their website and their rather...er...exclusive tastes, I knew that I wanted to sign with them. But I couldn't think of the right story. It couldn't just be any one. It had to be perfect.

They put out a call for submissions and almost at once an idea sprang to mind. That idea grew to become As Long As You're Mine. They aren't who published it, of course, but that's neither here nor there. A few months down the line they put out another call. I started a story for it, but stalled out before long because it just didn't grab me the way I needed it to. Then, two weeks before the deadline, the editor who put out the call gets on Twitter and requests a story about a sperm-eating plant. A little unconventional, sure, but I agreed to write it. And good lord was it dark. I sent it in, and the editor loved it, but there were just a few things that needed tweaking before she'd offer a contract.

I made the tweaks, sent it back, and I'm now thrilled to announce that I've officially signed with Riptide Publishing! The story is called Out From Under and it will be part of their Bump in the Night anthology, out this fall. Dreams come true, people. Especially you authors, out there. All you have to do is work towards them and not give up. Publishing is hard work, but if you're willing to put in the effort, it can also be the ride of your life.