30 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/30/11

Howdy, sixers! I was going to do more from Can't Make You Love Me (my latest release), but considering tomorrow is Halloween, and all I wouldn't feel right not pulling from erotic horror story Last Friday Night. So without further ado: Jessie and Tyler are trying to escape from their captivity, but something is standing in their way.

There didn’t seem to be anything moving in the pitch blackness surrounding them, but there was definitely something there. Jessie could feel it. Whatever it was was big, and the more closely he listened, the better he could hear the slow, shallow breaths coming from its mouth. “What is that?” he asked again. He could hear the tears in his own voice as the voice from the bedroom replayed itself in his brain.
'The two of you will face your deepest, darkest fears.'

Tell me sixers, what are you afraid of? But even if you don't feel like sharing, be sure to check out more authors who may or may not be facing their deepest darkest fears on the Six Sentence Sunday site here.

16 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/16/11

Greetings, sixers! Today (and maybe next week), we're gonna take a break from Last Friday Night and have some snippets from my just released I/R m/m novel Can't Make You Love Me. Sean and Dylan have been friends for a long time. Are they ready to take that next step?

Before Sean could resume his mission, Dylan grabbed him by the hair and forced him to look at him. As he stared into his best friend’s eyes, he realized that he’d never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Sean in that moment. He had to taste him, had to own him before he missed his chance and someone else did. He brought Sean’s face closer to his own, close enough for their noses to touch. He knew what he wanted, and what he could see of Sean’s eyes said that the other boy knew as well. He swallowed his fear, licked his lips and moved in for the kiss...

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09 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/9/11

Greetings, sixers! This week's six is yet more from my m/m erotic horror novella Last Friday Night. Over the past few weeks we've gotten to know a little about Tyler and Jessie and the terrible situation they've found themselves in. This week, the two of them are trying to escape their captivity, but Jessie can't quite keep his priorities straight. Did I mention that the two of them are totally naked the entire time they're in the house?

He shook his head. What the fuck was wrong with him? Their lives and the lives of the people they cared about were on the line and all he could think about was sex. But he couldn’t help it. There had to be something in this house kicking his sex drive into high gear; it was the only thing he could think of to explain why he was letting his eyes drink in Tyler’s bulging abs, triceps, biceps, and that sexy little treasure trail that led straight down to—

Jessie clenched his eyes shut and willed himself to focus.

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03 October 2011

The Cover Art From The Gods!

I must reveal the final art for Can't Make You Love Me, my m/m erotic romance coming 10/14 from Etopia Press! So, without further ado:

Isn't it beautiful???

02 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/2/11

This week's six is more from my recently contracted horror novella Last Friday Night. The week before last, we met Tyler. Last week, we met Jessie. Now, let's have a look at the situation the two find themselves in that push their very manhood to the limit.

There was another soft chuckle. “Here’s the deal,” the voice said. There was an eerily loud creak as the door on the other side of the room swung open. “If you can get to the door downstairs, then you’re free to go. But know that there are tv screens set up all over the house. If the two of you don’t fuck each other, then you can watch as the people you love die.”

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*Author's note: at the moment, I'm at the Ellora's Cave annual Romanticon convention, so I'll be a bit slow making my rounds to other blogs, but I promise I'll be sure to check everyone out by Wednesday.