25 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 9/25/11

Today's six is more from my recently contracted novella Last Friday Night. Last week, we met Tyler and everyone had their own opinions about him. Now, let's see what Jessie, my other hero, thought.

Jessie didn’t know what to think of Tyler. There was something about the overgrown man that intrigued him, but he found himself irritated just as much as he was intrigued. The two of them had finished up their business relatively quickly and Jessie had offered to take Tyler home, but Tyler had refused. At first, Jessie had been taken aback; he wasn’t used to people turning down good-natured offers. He wondered if it had something to do with the funny looks Tyler had been shooting him the entire time they’d been in the cafe, but then as he was leaving, he saw Tyler sidle up to the waitress who’d served them and things became a little clearer.
But even now as he sat in his car atop the hill overlooking the ruins of what was so close to being his new home, he didn’t know what to make of the other man. 

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18 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 9/18/11

Today's six is from my latest sale to Etopia Press: a m/m erotic horror story called Last Friday Night. Tyler's little brother Dylan has just been kicked out by their parents, and Tyler finds himself a little less than sympathetic.

And then there was another part of him that reared its ugly head while Dylan had told his tale. It was the part telling him to beat the shit out of his brother for ever going there with Sean in the first place; but what little rationality he had left told him beating his younger brother for fucking a guy might be considered gay bashing. He might not have been fond of the...gays, but he wasn’t about to go to jail just because they wanted to prance around all proud and whatnot.
“I’m not gay,” Dylan said. When Tyler looked at him, he was staring straight back, his expression serious. There was none of the uncertainty there he’d heard during his brother's story, but whether there was uncertainty there or not, that was bullshit.

 For more authors who may or may not be prancing around all proud and whatnot, be sure to check out the Six Sentence Sunday site here.