19 June 2011

Book in A Month

There's a certain publisher that I'm determined to get contracted by, to the point where I've become borderline obsessed with coming up with as perfect a story as I can for them. So, tomorrow, I'm plan to start seriously working on another piece to send in to them. I've already got it plotted out for the most part and, turns out, it's not a very long piece, but it's not really a short either.

So my goal is this: draft this entire manuscript within the next month. No days off, no "Oh, I'm not in the mood to write right now, I'll do it later" no excuses. By July 17, I will have this book done. Or, at least I'll have the final chapter off to beta readers.

A twitter friend recently did a May50k event (for lack of a better term) in which she wrote an entire 50,000 word book during the month of May and the results were amazing. I may try to enlist her assistance just to make sure I'm not slacking off when I should be writing. And if any of my followers are reading this, I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same, if you don't mind. So unless something happens so ridiculous it just HAS to be shared, there will be no tweeting until daily word count goal is achieved.

I've got a title already, but don't want to share it just yet in case it decides it wants to change in the middle of writing. I will however say that whether this gets accepted by editor X for publisher Y or not, this will be the first book in a trilogy titled "Born This Way". Yes, it's Gaga, but it's paranormal Gaga. And I think it'll be interesting.

Wish me luck people.

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  1. I'm glad my May50K project inspired you! If you want to email me your daily word count to stay on target (b/c you'll feel guilty if you have to email me saying you've written nothing, LOL) then feel free. shoshanna.evers @ yahoo. com (no spaces).