01 November 2012

Welcome Back Tara Lain!

Today sees the return of the amazing Tara Lain, who I met at GRL this year and, let me tell you, she is just as amazing as she seems! Without further ado, take it away, Tara!

Real Life Magic

Hi everyone. I'm delighted to be visiting with Brien today. We just got to meet face-to-face at GayRomLit for the first time where I got to discover how very young he is and he got to discover how very not young I am! LOL. It was a fantastic retreat and I had a great time. I bet Brien did too.
If you have read any of my books, you probably know that, like Brien, I write contemporary romance. That's what I love to read and to write. I enjoy the fantasy-like quality of romance presented in a realistic setting. Somehow that makes it more fun and exciting for me. I guess it doesn't surprise me when true love wins in Camelot or Regency England or in outer space, but when people get a happy ever after in our real world, it makes it even more special.

BUT, I also love paranormal romance. I've worked my way through a lot of vampires and werewolves and elves in my time. So it's not surprising that I even like my paranormal romance contemporary. I've gobbled my way through a bunch of Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton and J.R. Ward to say nothing of Lynn Lorenz. So when I decided to take a turn at paranormal romance myself in Spell Cat, I set my witch story in New York City in the relative normality of a college. The same setting holds true for my new novel, Brush with CatastropheBrush with Catastrophe is the sequel to Spell Cat and the second of the Aloysius Tales.

In Brush with Catastrophe, my hero is a college student and a painter. Oh yes, and a witch. And his painting is also his witchy talent. He's a prophetic painter--what he paints always comes true. He's gay but sadly has a huge crush on his BFF Ryder (nickname Alvish) who is straight and human but keeps changing so much he's barely recognizable. Then this really gorgeous angel-looking guy shows up. But the angel just might be a devil. The fun for me is having all these extraordinary things happening in a perfectly ordinary setting -- like a one-room student apartment or a coffee shop. I guess no matter how extraordinary the paranormal happenings--lightning used as a weapon and humans changing into something new-- nothing is as amazing as true love.

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Excerpt Adult: Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain; MM Paranormal with Witches!
Available from Loose Id   Amazon

Sammy Raphael is a crappy witch. And on top of that, he can't get a boyfriend. Where other supernaturals can bring down lightning and manifest wealth, Sammy can paint. True, the “prophetic” paintings he does at night always come true, but they never predict anything important. Then he paints a gorgeous guy and it turns out to be his secret crush, Ryder. But the guy has changed so much he's almost unrecognizably beautiful. And then Sammy paints an angel who turns out to be a witch. But is that witch also a devil? And why the hells does Ryder keep changing? Aloysius, the black cat familiar, always backs the winner. So why is he backing Sammy?

Heat. Bubbling, boiling. Hells, what kind of dream was this? Turn over. Reset. Sammy shifted but couldn't move from his back. Wait. Breathing in his ear. Not Al's. Shit, his cock was on fire! Sammy shot to the edge of his bed and sat up. His cock throbbed. “Hells. What the fuck is going on?”
Lucien beamed at him, lying on his side on the bed, fully clothed. Had the guy been jerking Sammy off? “Ah, my dear. I knew you regretted our not having sex, so I thought I'd do something to relax you.”

“What the fuck? How did you get in here? What is this?”

Lucien laughed as he reached out his hand and grabbed Sammy's cock. “Don't pretend you don't want it, darling. This hard-as-a-spike penis of yours tells a different story.”

Gods, his rubbing felt good. But somehow not in a good way. Sammy's body wanted to surrender, but his brain screamed at him. He hadn't asked for this. He summoned what will he could and pulled his body back against the headboard. “Look, I get that you might think I want sex. But that doesn't mean you can break into my place and force yourself on me. Go home and call me tomorrow, like you said.”
Lucien sat up, and his eyes narrowed. “Perhaps I made a mistake. But since I am here now, with cock at the ready, why don't we just fuck?” He dived toward Sammy, who skittered off the edge of the bed and hit the wall hard with his back.

“Have you lost your mind? Get away from me.” His heart beat fast, and his cock had definitely given up any desires and was in full-flight mode with the rest of Sammy's body.

Lucien came up on his knees. “You need more persuasion, little witch?”

“No!” Was Lucien being cute? Maybe he was turned on by violence like that other witch who had come from Europe and tried to seduce Killian.

Lucien began a low, mumbling chant. Then Sammy heard a shriek from the bathroom. Aloysius. “Al!” The damned witch had locked the familiar away. Shit, how much power did that take?

The chanting got stronger. Sammy felt like energy flowed out of his fingertips and formed a puddle on the floor. Soon he'd be that puddle. He inched away from Lucien, his naked back still to the wall in the narrow space behind the bed.

Lucien gazed at him, and his blue eyes shone. “Stop being silly, Samlyn. Let's just have sex and get it over with.”

“If you're trying to woo me, asshole, you sure have a funny way of showing it.” But his knees felt like rubber.

“Merrrrrwaorrrr.” The shriek echoed through the room. Sammy's neighbors were pretty private, but somebody had to hear that cat. Surely they'd report it.

Lucien walked on his knees across the bed toward Sammy. Sammy wanted to run, but no body part was cooperating. The angel beamed. “Let me get that lovely penis back in action. I can make you come until you black out from pleasure. You know I can.” He mumbled the chant.

“No, Lucien, no!”

Lucien's brilliant beauty darkened. “Now you're just being silly, aren't you? Say you're being silly.”


Lucien spat, “Shut up, you fucking cat.”


The caterwauling shrieked through the room; Sammy's ears hurt, and Lucien cringed like it pained him too.

Lucien raised the decibels on his chanting, and Sammy flowed to the floor like his bones had dissolved.

The witch leaned over him, grasped Sammy's hair, and pulled his head back. “Time to fuck, little witch.”

Had to fight. Had to. This witch would not force him. No!

“Merwaooooowrrr. Merrrwaoooorrrr. Merwaowrrrrr.”

Lucien unfastened his fly and pulled out that unfurled cobra cock.

Sammy's brain screamed. Shit, no. Not in me!

Lucien shoved Sammy until he fell sideways with his ass twisted toward Lucien. The strange dick that got scarier looking by the second pushed against his ass. Sammy took a deep breath and managed to raise a leg high enough to slam Lucien hard back on the side of the bed. Lucien's golden head cracked on the footboard.

“How dare you?” Lucien rose back up. “It's time to stop playing.”

Playing? Was the guy nuts? Sammy scooted along the wall until Lucien grabbed his hair. Ouch! Hells.

Lucien's chanting got louder, and that cock reptile came straight at Sammy's mouth.


Were the walls shaking? Gods, blackness. Couldn't fight. Going under. Felt good to give up. Give up.
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Tara Lain's first erotic romance novel was published in January of 2011. She's now on book 16. Her novels have garnered awards for Best Series of 2011, Best Contemporary Romance, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm, and she carries her promotional instincts into her writing career as well. She lives  with her soul-mate husband in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity,  justice, and new experiences , Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!