10 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 6/10/12

Greetings, sixers! This week's six is from my erotic horror story ShadowBird Rising. Have you ever woken up in a dark place and didn't know where you were?

I pushed at the block, but it gave no purchase, so I shoved it. I panicked when it still would not move and I cried out for help, though the sound that escaped my throat was far from a cry. The raspy syllable that met my ears scared me more than anything and, in a fit of terror, I punched what I could only assume was my coffin. A splinter lodged itself deep in my knuckle, but I heard the wood crack, so I punched again. And again. After a moment dirt fell into my face and I coughed and sputtered, spitting it out of my mouth. 

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