27 July 2010

Official Playlist for Dance In The Dark

This is the first novel I've ever set up a specific playlist for. Well, two playlists, actually: one for Sean and one for Dylan. I've compiled the songs that stuck with me the most while writing and that go best with each chapter's theme. All songs are in chronological order according to the chapter they go with. The three at the very end are songs that fit with the arc of the story overall and I think that they tell it pretty well by themselves. Have a listen to the songs; they're all on Youtube. See if they grab you enough to convince you to read the book once its published.

Dance In The Dark

1. Criminal by Alexz Johnson
2. Push You Away by P!nk
3. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
4. Sex For Breakfast by Christina Aguilera
5. Misery by P!nk featuring Steven Tyler
6. It's All Your Fault by P!nk
7. Contagious by Avril Lavigne
8. Shut It Down by Drake featuring The Dream
9. How Strong Do You Think I Am? by Alexz Johnson
10. Temporary Insanity by Alexz Johnson
11. Thinking of You by Katy Perry
12. The Two of Us by *Nsync
13. Long Way to Happy by P!nk
14. Dance In The Dark by Lady Gaga*
15. Don't You Dare by Alexz Johnson*
16. It's You by Michelle Branch*

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