27 July 2010

Blurb for Dance In The Dark

Finished the first draft of the new book today. I may be biased, but I think its bloody awesome. Not looking forward to editing, but publication is a must... Wanna know what it's about? Read below.

Sean Summers and Dylan Mack are opposites in every way. Dylan is the school’s star athlete while Sean is the most dedicated worker the school has ever seen; Dylan spends his weekends partying while Sean spends his studying; Dylan prefers to use his fists to solve problems, while Sean tries to use his words; Dylan is straight, while Sean is gay. Dylan and Sean have been best friends since the second grade. What starts off as a joke on Dylan’s eighteenth birthday spirals out of control into an affair that drives both boys to the heights of passion and the depths of heartbreak. Will they ever be able to be what they were again? Will they even still be friends? Or perhaps something more?

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