27 July 2010

Explanation of the Title

Dance In The Dark is orignally a song by Lady Gaga. According to her, "the record is about a girl who likes to have sex with the lights off because she is embarrassed about her body." I love the song and I love the meaning behind it. I'd been thinking of a story for months about a guy who likes to have sex with guys, but he's ashamed of liking it and is terrified of people finding out. So I sat down to write the first chapter, and when I went through my iPod, looking for a title (most of my stories share a title with my favorite songs) I compiled a list of songs titles that I could potentially use. But as soon as I heard the opening chords of Dance In The Dark, I knew that that was it. It fit better than any of the others possibly could. Like the girl in Gaga's song, Dylan will do anything for Sean. He'll do anything that Sean wants him to do, so long as no one knows about it. They can dance, (or fuck, Whichever word you prefer,) but only in the darkness of secrecy.

Thank you Gaga. You're amazing. I'm a Little Monster for life.

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