03 September 2011


Ok, so it's been a minute since I've done a blog post that wasn't Six Sentence Sunday (which I LOVE, by the way). If you haven't done a SSS post yet, you should definitely check it out next week. So, for the updates! Sparks Fly is out there in the wild, hopefully surviving amongst the fabulous ebooks that came before it. I've finished edits on my upcoming I/R m/m novel Can't Make You Love Me and I'm currently awaiting copyedits, a release date, and that ever elusive cover art. But Etopia has some incredible artists working for them, so cover art, I'm not too concerned about. Also, in what was probably the fastest turn around time I've ever seen, I subbed a Christmas short called My Only Wish (This Year) to my fabulous editor at Etopia and two days later had a contract offer and two days after that I had a release date. So it's official: My Only Wish is coming from Etopia Press on Friday December 2! No idea what I'll do to promote, yet, but I'll think of something. That's all for now, I suppose. But as a side note: Romanticon is less than a month away! Oy, I can't wait!

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