14 August 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 8/14/11

Today's six is more from my recently contracted I/R m/m novel Can't Make You Love Me. Sean and Dylan may just be moving into the Friends With Benefits category.

Sean’s voice deserted him and his breath caught in his throat. He’d turned over and caught sight of Dylan standing in the doorway; he was still wearing his shirt, but nothing else. Sean couldn’t stop his eyes from taking in the lower half of Dylan’s body once again, but Dylan didn’t shy away beneath his gaze. Sean hadn’t expected Dylan to come back, so to have him standing there was shock enough; but what surprised him the most was that, even from his position across the room, Sean could see that Dylan’s dick was totally hard. There was no mistaking that rigid look to it. He looked up to meet Dylan’s eyes and saw doubt there mixed with something else he couldn’t read.

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  1. hmm intriguing snippet. Well done.

  2. Love friends with benefits stories :) Very interesting...

  3. Woot! It's getting kinda hawt in here!

  4. I can feel his indecision and also his arousal. Interesting six!!