28 April 2010

It's Not Enough

It's not enough that I want you,
It's not enough that I care.
You're gonna keep doing exactly what you do,
And I'll keep thinking that life isn't fair.

It's enough that I said yes,
To try and help you with your life.
And now what do I have left,
Except for loneliness and strife?

It's not enough that I trusted you,
With my very heart and soul.
It's not enough that my intentions were totally true,
Your lying still took its toll.

I wonder if you’re invested at all,
In what you say is just you and me.
Or am I stupid to keep making the call,
Instead of just letting you be?

I thought that you were a good guy,
But maybe I was wrong.
Was the entire thing a big fat lie?
Do you laugh at me as I sit back and long?

It’s never been about you and me,
It’s all about you trying to find your way.
But I'm the pathetic one because you'll never see
That I'll love you no matter what people say.

It's not enough that I for you I go beyond and above,
Or that I'll never be untrue.
Because I know that when the push comes to the shove,
I'll never be enough for you.

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